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Since our founding in 2014, we’ve appeared in the New York Times, Aviation International News, Professional Pilot Magazine, Airport Business Magazine, Business Airport International, FlyCorporate Magazine, and a few more we can’t remember…

Airport Business Magazine, February 2017

Many FBOs provide aircraft refueling services to scheduled air cargo operators, that much isn’t unusual. However, FBOs desirous of truly ground handling unscheduled, ad hoc air cargo have much to consider before jumping in with both feet. While ground handling fees may seem lucrative and the attendant large fuel uplift enticing, the rule of “be careful what you wish for” applies. Contact us, and tell us your views.
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February 1st, 2017|news|

Airport Business Magazine, January 2017

It is difficult to properly underscore the time and investment required in bringing a new certificate to life. And that- time and investment- is the rub. For an FBO embarking on bringing a new 135 certificate to market, even a single-pilot, single-airplane Part 135 certificate, a market study should be conducted to determine a cost benefit analysis, including a projected return on investment. Thousands will be spent, and a dedicated airplane and pilot procured. Contact us, and tell us your views.
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January 1st, 2017|news|

Aviation Business Journal, 4th Quarter 2016

Just like people, FBOs have a need and desire to remain relevant. And just like a child who has drawn a picture and seeks a parent’s recognition and approval, an FBO likewise needs to present the picture they have drawn, their unique narrative, and receive recognition in the form of patronage by their customers. Marketing, ergo, is that relentless feedback loop; the relentless pursuit of relevance. To lose relevance, is to no longer be needed, which is a very dangerous thing for a FBO.

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December 1st, 2016|news|

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