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We are business advisors to FBOs. While our specializations encompass a broad range of business disciplines, we are at our core, critical thinkers. Trusted advisors, staunch advocates, business mentors. More than consultants, we are FBO Partners.

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Business Development: The Secret Sauce

In the Business & General Aviation (B&GA) industry, a consumer outcome is anything as simple as choosing an FBO from which to make a fuel purchase, to a multi-million-dollar purchase of a turbojet aircraft amongst competing OEMs. While both are transactions, business development means the relationship need not be transactional. (Airport Business Magazine, May-June 2021)

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Doing It Right: Public Sector FBOs

While the majority of business and general aviation traffic may be found among the Top 250 airports near major city centers, there are another 2,000 airports or more also offering FBO services, an outsized number of which are operated by an airport sponsor itself- be it a city, county, or municipality. As these public-sector FBOs become increasingly sophisticated, the line is blurring between airport-run FBOs and their private sector brethren. (Airport Business Magazine, April-May 2021)

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Douglas Wilson

President & Senior Partner

Hangar Subleasing/FBO Real Estate, IS-BAH Implementation/IS-BAH Auditor, Marketing/Media Relations/Content, Mergers & Acquisitions

Todd Baumgartner

Senior Partner

Mergers & Acquisitions, Procurement, Fleet Customer Fuel Supply

Patrick Moylan, CSP

Senior Associate

Safety Program Development and Implementation/Safety Culture Evolution/SMS Implementation and Auditing/Airline Services

Christopher Salley


FBO Sales and Technology

Jon Wenrich


Aviation Real Estate, Hangar Subleasing, Private Equity Advisory, Corporate Flight Departments, Business Development and Strategy, Foam-Free Advocacy, Marketing/Media Relations/Content, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Jamie Wilson

Senior Associate

Logistics, FBO Management, Mentoring and Coaching

Frank Pisano

Chief Financial Officer

Contract Financial, Treasury and Accounting Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Advisory

Ty Kronk

Senior Associate

Maintenance Operational Analysis, Mobile Maintenance Programs, Maintenance Tracking System, Aircraft Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Budgeting, Guaranteed Maintenance Programs, Part 135 and 145 Certification and Regulatory Matters

Rikki Altenburg

Senior Associate

Customer Service, FBO Fuel Sales

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