Not every landing is smooth, but every smooth landing is preceded by careful planning, and the right approach.

An Arduous Proposition: FBO acquisition and divestiture

The acquisition or divestiture of any business is trying at best – bring into the fold all of the nuanced elements of an FBO as a going concern, and you’re left with an exceedingly elaborate process. Many in the business community have a finite working knowledge with one or two elements of the M&A process. However, that variety of limited scope input isn’t expertise, it’s simply irresponsible. The well-thought approach to an acquisition or divestiture considers much more than just raw market valuation and goodwill. A diligently framed strategy originates well in advance of an initial buyer and seller introduction, and concludes a year after closing with integration debriefs.

Whether you’re buying or selling, new to the industry or an established buyer, FBO Partners can manage the process. We’ve seen both sides of the equation, from the earliest exploratory phases of an acquisition, through branding and integration. Because of this, we know first-hand the intricacies and pitfalls of each role. We can guide you through the valuation, due diligence and acquisition or divestiture process and help you to maximize the value for your sale or acquisition.

Let us help you identify opportunity, foster transactional appeal, and assist in valuing the FBO or leasehold you’re interested in acquiring or divesting.

Due Diligence Services

Of all the processes associated with an acquisition, due diligence may seem simplistic from a command-response perspective, but the devil is often overlooked in the detail. It is perhaps because of these opaque subtleties that this process can also produce a fair amount of post-transactional finger-pointing. Due diligence done well, receives little fanfare; it is quietly evident in the days following acquisition. Done poorly, inadequate investigation can saddle a new business with unforeseen liability and additional cost.

Valuation Services

FBOs are odd animals- conducting business on leased land, with leased equipment, with neither having any residual value or life cycle at term end. By definition then, an FBO, in its simplest form, is a cash flow stream. However, one needs to examine more than just cash flow. Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) is one of the common valuation instruments in the acquisition process. By extension, assigning an appropriate multiple follows. Yet a proper valuation considers more. The knowledge and expertise of FBO Partners will help transform an inherently subjective process into one that is reasonably objective and grounded in material facts.

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