Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales

Despite a changing marketplace, fuel sales efforts among most FBOs are often analog -and anything but strategic.

The Reactive Sales Methodology

A Line Service Technician stealthily records the registration numbers of transient aircraft on the competing FBO’s ramp on a notepad. The notepad is then brought to a seasoned Customer Service Representative (CSR) who in turn, attempts to crack the code of the various LLCs associated with the airplane of the prospective customer. After hours of online research, the contact information is located for the prospective customer, and a phone call is made to offer a discount to try to lure the customer to the FBO- your FBO- instead. But, it’s all for naught. The prospective customer kindly-yet-dismissively mentions they chose the competing FBO “…due to a passenger request.” Thanking them for their time, the CSR hangs up, and notes the words “passenger request” on the sales log. And so, the sales process begins anew, just as ineffective as the day before.

Sound familiar? It should. This tried-and-true methodology has been around since the phone book, and like the phone book, its usefulness has long since passed. Yet, few FBOs have the budget for a full-time proven sales professional; one who is strategic, uses the latest technology, leverages existing relationships, understands the evolving marketplace and knows the value of margin- not just marketshare.

What FBO can afford such a strategic sales effort? Yours can, with FBO Partners.

Strategic Sales & Business Development

A strategic sales effort doesn’t mean wringing your hands over hiring a six-figure, full-time sales professional. FBOs by design are “asset-light” and achieve what they do through leasing. Think about it: Your FBO sits on leased land, may lease fuel trucks from your supplier, leases GSE from a different vendor, and just by offering contract fuel, effectively leases fuel inventory too. So why not lease an FBO sales professional too? And just like a lease, we’ll even take him back – less normal wear and tear of course – at the end of the term.
Imagine that for a fraction of the cost of a full-time, dedicated salesperson, your FBO can get a professional, strategic sales leader for your business- and finally move gallons from the competitor’s ramp to yours

How does it work?

First, we understand the return on investment on sales must -and can only be quantified through the dollars returned to the client through those sales efforts. Hence, while most simply focus on winning marketshare, we know marketshare is meaningless without the right margins.
Beginning with a business analysis of your FBO’s service offerings, existing market share, fuel pricing tiers and margins, we’ll work with your FBO to create a roadmap to target specific, high-value customers for your FBO. Through the latest technology, flight tracking and historical data, we’ll identify only those customers that will contribute to your FBO’s bottom line. Then, the magic happens. Leveraging the relationships of most experienced team in the FBO industry, we’ll contact those target customers on your behalf and start moving marketshare. Sound easy? It is, if you have more than 100 years of collective business aviation experience.

And don’t worry, just like that leased fuel truck that has your FBO’s brand adorned on it, so to will our sales efforts on your behalf be done so under your FBO’s brand, seamlessly integrating with your FBO’s safety promises, service ethos and business sensibilities. Let us demonstrate how a professional approach to strategic sales moves the profitability needle in your business. Contact Us

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