FBOs Feel the Labor Pinch

If you look across the entire spectrum of entry-level jobs, pre-Covid there used to be a fairly different differential between the person applying at a [fast-food restaurant] versus a person applying at an FBO (AIN online, October 3rd, 2022) Read the article

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Business Development: The Secret Sauce

In the Business & General Aviation (B&GA) industry, a consumer outcome is anything as simple as choosing an FBO from which to make a fuel purchase, to a multi-million-dollar purchase of a turbojet aircraft amongst competing OEMs. While both are transactions, business development means the relationship need not be transactional. (Airport Business Magazine, May-June 2021) [...]

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Doing It Right: Public Sector FBOs

While the majority of business and general aviation traffic may be found among the Top 250 airports near major city centers, there are another 2,000 airports or more also offering FBO services, an outsized number of which are operated by an airport sponsor itself- be it a city, county, or municipality. As these public-sector FBOs [...]

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FBOs in a Post-Pandemic World

While life after the pandemic will certainly bear a resemblance to life before, subtle changes will stay in place as a result of COVID-19 forever, just as they did after September 11th and the global financial crisis. (Airport Business Magazine, Jan-Feb 2021) Download the article (PDF)

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Ground Transportation: The Parking Lot and The White Elephant

According to a JD Power report of 2019, while autonomous taxis may find commercial acceptance as early as 2025, by 2034, it is predicted some 10 percent of consumer vehicles will be self-driving. In a mere 10 to 15 years, a significant number of passenger vehicles will no longer need to park at the airport [...]

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Contracts 101: A Brief Field Guide for the Uninitiated

In business, the consummation of a relationship between parties is usually, if not always, in the form of a contract. And, while legally binding contracts can be implied simply based on the actions of two parties, in its formal version, a contract takes written form. This notion is almost universally well-understood, regardless of industry. Yet, [...]

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Climate Change and Airports

Coastal cities in the US are home to more than 450 airports and heliports with average field elevations below 10’ Mean Sea Level (MSL). Some 150 of those airports are below 5’ MSL. While the end of the 35-year lease term you’re about to sign may seem distant, if your coastal airport falls in the [...]

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Airports, FBOs and Lease Negotiations: It’s Complicated

What should airports consider when negotiating with a prospective or renewing FBO tenant? And what should FBOs consider when negotiating with their airport? First, each party must be prepared to compromise and respect the knowledge, experience and limitations of the other. A cool head and an encyclopedic knowledge of regulations doesn’t hurt either. (Airport Business [...]

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FBOs and OEMs: Strange Bedfellows

Unless providing factory-authorized maintenance for a given OEM, or playing host to an OEM’s event featuring an aircraft static display, there is simply no formal relationship in the industry between FBOs and OEMs. Against that backdrop, how can FBOs effectively handle hundreds of aircraft types when OEMs have no cause to engage with FBOs? Through [...]

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