Alec Maguire

Senior Partner

Hangar Subleasing/FBO Real Estate, Marketing/Branding/FBO Photography, Mergers & Acquisitions

As a Senior Partner, Alec Maguire brings more than 20 years of aggregate aviation, branding, and FBO development experience to FBO Partners. Prior to joining FBO Partners, Maguire, in conjunction with his father, the renowned commercial real estate developer Robert Maguire, founded and developed Maguire Aviation Group, the largest Fixed Base Operation at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys, CA. Maguire Aviation was formed in 2005 with the goal of consolidating the fragmented FBO market at Van Nuys Airport, one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world. The Maguire Aviation enterprise also consolidated VisionAir, Inc, a Part 91 management business that Maguire served as Vice President of, into a singular entity. Through a series of acquisitions, including Petersen Aviation, MillionAir, and Skytrails Aviation, the operation established a majority control of FBO entitled land on the field, exclusive development rights, and respective long-term leases for each. This consolidation created the largest independent FBO at VNY, if not the country. At its peak, Maguire Aviation numbered more than 100 employees, and controlled over 220,000 square feet of hangar, terminal, and office space, over a 57 acre footprint at VNY. The operation additionally developed a 44,000 square foot hangar facility for anchor tenant TWC, and in 2012, a 10,000 square foot dedicated terminal for NetJets – the largest fractional lift provider globally. In 2013, Maguire Aviation sold the entirety of its FBO holdings to BBA Group, PLC. In addition to his noteworthy corporate aviation pedigree, Mr. Maguire brings significant marketing and branding expertise to FBO Partners. In forming Maguire Aviation, he was responsible for directing the brand identity process, including but not limited to, core design and marketing elements such as logo, signature tagline “Fueled By Higher Standards,” color palette, media and marketing copy, web presence, and fundamental interior and exterior brand identity features. Maguire was recognized for this by Aviation International News (AIN), by being the top rated FBO at VNY each year during his tenure. Before forming Maguire Aviation, Mr. Maguire was also a corporate pilot in both the Citation 500 series and Falcon 20F-731. At one time, he was one of the youngest CE-500 rated pilots in country, having begun his flying career in 1993. An accomplished pilot, Maguire is also a Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef, and an accomplished photographer.

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