“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.”

– Captain Alfred G. “Lamps” Lamplugh, Royal Aeronautical Society (d. 1955)

Featured Safety Product: Online Safety Officer (OSO)

One of the challenges of growing an FBO’s safety culture is how- and how frequently- the FBO communicates safety within the organization. While every FBO should conduct a monthly safety meeting, research relevant FBO-related ground incidents and accidents for learning opportunities, and share industry safety alerts, let’s face it: Consistently providing a meaningful level of safety engagement with your team is time-consuming and requires constant oversight.

  • But what if someone else prepared you for your safety meetings, created engaging content to share with your employees both individually, and in group settings?
  • What if someone else was tracking the latest industry safety matters, and keeping you and your team informed?
  • What if you could walk into a safety meeting cold, and facilitate it like an industry safety expert?

Now you can, with FBO Partners’ OSO Program. As a subscriber, we’ll provide you all the materials you’ll need to engage employees, drive safety communication, and grow your organization’s safety culture- in a fraction of the time and at less cost than your FBO’s monthly expense on popcorn and cookies.

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Online Safety Officer (OSO) LEVEL ONE

FBO Partners’ OSO Level One Support* includes:

  • Monthly “Tool Box Talk” slides and handouts on relevant FBO safety topics.
  • Monthly FBO safety committee materials including:

    • Safety Meeting Agenda
    • FBO Accident Case Study
    • Relevant Industry Safety Alerts
  • Monthly interactive FBO safety webinars on FBO safety topics such as safe towing operations, fuel quality control, OSHA compliance, safety improvement, etc.
  • OSHA 300 Log Maintenance and related annual compliance postings
*Note: OSO Level One Support requires a minimum six-month commitment and is competitively priced at $299 per month, per FBO location. For FBOs with three or more locations, please contact us for a customized pricing quote.
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Online Safety Officer (OSO) LEVEL TWO

FBO Partners’ OSO Level Two Support** includes:

  • All items in the Level One package, plus:
  • Safety materials customized with your company’s logo and color scheme.
  • Customized Annual Safety Plan based on your organization’s activities, goals, and exposures.
  • Monthly 1:1 conference call with your assigned OSO (usually 45-60 minutes); or, minutes prepared from previous monthly safety meeting (if electing to include OSO by phone in meeting).

  • Anytime Access to OSO by email or phone for questions regarding safety, regulations, training, fuel quality control, and environmental compliance.
**Note: OSO Level Two Support requires a minimum six-month commitment and is competitively priced at $499 per month, per FBO location. For FBOs with three or more locations, please contact us for a customized pricing quote. Anytime Access subject to after-hours response limitations.
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A Different Path to Safety

We’re in the aviation industry. If you’re reading this, we’re kind of guessing you are too. We all know air travel is the safest form of transportation because every company engaged in the field of aviation understands the consequences of “…any careless, incapacity or neglect” as Captain Lamps so eloquently said. Hence, the key challenge in the FBO industry isn’t the why of safety, but rather the how.

Admittedly, safety management isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be built upon unnecessarily complicated procedures, punitive policies, empty platitudes, and impossible promises of “risk-free” operations.

FBO Partners proposes a different path toward your vision of safety excellence: One that uses risk reduction as a metric for success, is streamlined, efficient and effective, all the while engaging your employees, encouraging communication, and ensuring compliance – including those pesky regulatory requirements from FAA, OSHA, EPA, and others.

Our path is also less expensive, positively impacts your FBO’s bottom line, and even includes a bit of fun along the way. Stop writing checks for uninsured damage, workers compensation costs, or environmental fines, and transition your FBO’s safety culture to a place where your employees are safety leaders.

Safety Programs and Courses

With the arrival of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling, or IS-BAH, the benchmark for best practices in the FBO industry has arrived. Thoughtfully created by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), IS-BAH is “a set of global industry best practices for business aviation ground handlers that features at its core a Safety Management System (SMS)…and incorporates the NATA Safety 1st Ground Audit Program.”

Online Safety Officer

Would you sleep better knowing you had access to an experienced and certified safety professional that can assist your organization achieve its goals? Your FBO Partners OSO is an experienced FBO leader, previously responsible for running an FBO, a Part 135 air carrier certificate and a global FBO safety program. Sound expensive, right? It’s not. In fact, it’s probably less than you’re paying for cookies or popcorn each month at the FBO.

Onsite Safety Program Review

Not sure what the status of your safety program is? What you don’t know *can* hurt your business. Don’t wait until you have an accident, injury, fuel spill, or visit from your friendly state or federal regulator to learn of a potential non-compliance. Move from reactive to proactive with your safety program with our two-day, Onsite Safety Program Review. The Onsite Safety Program Review includes:

Much like the saying “The safest aircraft is on the ground, but aircraft are meant to fly,” the only FBO that is without risk is the one that isn’t in business. Understanding risk and its application in your everyday activities and decision-making can help you reduce your risk exposure over time. This module includes a half-day risk assessment workshop for your personnel and an operational risk assessment that serves as a roadmap for the next steps on your safety journey. This will, in turn, allow you to prioritize your two most valuable assets: Time and Money.

Are you getting a little tired of seeing SMS all over the place, with fancy-pants language and complex “software solutions” being pedaled as your only option for implementation? So are we! At its core, SMS is about helping your organization succeed. You already know that injuries, aircraft damage events, and fuel spills are not only bad for your employees and customers, but also bad for your FBO’s business. Yet wasting time and money on over-engineered and confusing products and services won’t help your FBO succeed safety-wise or financially either. Let FBO Partners help you demystify SMS, and develop and implement a customized SMS solution that actually works.

OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Certification Training

Is your safety committee ready to “take it to the next level” by getting formal OSHA certification, either 10-hour or 30-hour? Perhaps you would like your supervisors or management team to build on their operational experience with such a safety certification.

We’re often asked what the difference is between our 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA Certification Training.

Simple, 20 hours. Get it? Sure, we just couldn’t resist on that joke. The OSHA 10-hour course is intended for all employees as an introduction to the fundamentals of safety, and is perfect both for newer employees as well as a periodic “refresher” for those who haven’t had the course in many years. The OSHA 30-hour course is intended for supervisors, managers, and other personnel who have additional levels of responsibility for safety program implementation in their organization.Yes, these workshops can be found across the country. But how many are taught by instructors with extensive FBO expertise? Besides FBO Partners, that is? Exactly zero.

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