What do you get when you cross a Swiss army knife of marketing capabilities with an encyclopedic knowledge of aviation?
FBO Partners

Print Media? We’ve got you covered.

FBO Partners is honored to regularly contribute to aviation trade publications and other media outlets for the betterment, understanding, and promotion of the business of aviation. Any industry-centric media campaign includes print media as part of its overall marketing plan. All aviation businesses have a story to tell, an industry-changing product, or a new development, yet sadly, most never tell that story. Let FBO Partners assist in developing your unique narrative.

Media relations? Yep, that’s us too.

The local news station is on the phone. Are you ready to answer the call? “No comment.” For many FBOs, their media and communications policies dictate that a simple no comment is usually the safest course. However, a delicate balance can be achieved. The cursory no comment in the wake of an incident or accident appears callous, and needlessly guarded. Yet, the wrong sound bite can turn 15 seconds of fame into lasting brand damage. It’s time for aviation businesses to have a healthy working relationship with the media and news outlets. Let FBO Partners coach you through media relations; it’s easier than you think.

Online Content? You guessed it.

Most, if not all, print media outlets have an associated online version that is equally rich in media and associated content. For many publications, their online presence is a great way to get time sensitive news to its readership, and when combined with the print version that follows, audience reach is greatly magnified. Yet, a stool needs at least three legs to stand, and wise marketing strategies consider print media, online media and of course, the now-almost-ubiquitous social media presence. Let FBO Partners guide your company through all three.

“Marketing strategy, content creation, print media, press releases, on-camera interviews…FBO Partners is media savvy.”

Press Releases

The most underutilized media opportunity for growing brand awareness is the Press Release. Companies spend hours on the advertising plan, defend budgets in the board room for the upcoming ad campaign, and yet, overlook the idea that Press Releases are carried in trade publications at no cost, and have greater audience reach and engagement than traditional print advertising. For many aviation businesses, the paralysis of creating a Press Release starts with determining what exactly is newsworthy? FBO Partners is bilingual- we speak both aviation and marketing- let us translate for you, and create Press Releases that garner not only attention, but headlines.

Content Control

Despite a strong flair for the creative, few ad agencies deliver content because the language of aviation offers a steep learning curve. Esoteric acronyms and the phonetic alphabet- the latter of which we take for granted in the industry- are just the start. Because of this, an excessive amount of workload is created, as much has to be taught by the aviation client, simply for the traditional ad agency to understand the aviation product or service being highlighted. This process causes frustration, poorly targeted marketing and at worse, unnecessary cost for an aviation business. At FBO Partners, we offer an unconventional and exceedingly rare service: Marketing that includes content, delivered by a company that speaks the language

Don’t Be Shy. We’re not.

Unlock your FBO’s brand recognition, with a targeted marketing and media plan by FBO Partners.

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