Is it possible to learn the art of customer service from someone who has never worked at an FBO?
Sure, but we wouldn't recommend it.

Customer service is not paint-by-numbers.

While the basic tenets of customer service are applicable across industries, FBOs are an entirely different matter- customer service requires context. It requires an instructor that is an industry expert, not just an industry veteran. And that context is only provided by FBO Partners.

We've been the Customer Service Representatives behind the desk during Inauguration, and the Final Four. And those Line Service Technicians high atop the deicing bucket in a snowstorm? That was us too. Who answered the difficult phone call, or negotiated the fuel price? We've been the patient Customer Service Supervisor and savvy Sales Manager handling tense situations.

Is your team being trained by someone who has only worn comfortable shoes, or someone who has walked a mile in your shoes? Your employees will know the difference, and context matters in the training environment.

The SMART CSR Program

While others in the industry talk about getting ready for a new FBO business model, they fail to recognize the industry has already changed- substantially. Today, FBO customers have enormous amounts of data available to make decisions about with whom they do business. Not only do they know your FBO's fuel price, they have a wallet full of contract fuel cards and know those prices too. Yet price alone doesn't promote loyalty- a service culture composed of genuine, thoughtful and caring people does. Believe it or not, customer service is a surprisingly simple formula: It is providing a greater perceived value than the actual price paid. Yet, to accomplish that today, an FBO's Customer Service Representatives and Line Service Technicians need to be business savvy, not just service-oriented. With the FBO Partners SMART CSR Program, your FBO team can be both.

Learn about the SMART CSR Program

With FBO Partners proprietary SMART CSR Program, your FBO's employees will become Service-Oriented, Management-Minded, Acutely-Aware, Relationship-Centric and be Technical-Knowledge gurus. Pretty SMART, eh? (Our marketing department told us the aviation industry likes acronyms.) On day one, you'll learn the core function of customer service at an FBO and how to establish a lasting service culture. Attendees will explore effective communication strategies, best practices in customer service etiquette and proven techniques that drive a higher perceptive value for customers. On day two, a detailed analysis of fuel pricing – both retail and contract fuel- will set the stage for an interactive role-play on growing fuel sales through upselling. The course concludes with customer complaint strategies and techniques, and the crucial role customer follow up plays to promote customer loyalty. For more details, contact us

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